Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get the DIRT

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Thursday!  :)

In my never-ending search for information about writing, editing, publishing, etc., I come across many helpful sites, so I've decided to share a few links that might help all of us "Do It Right"....or at least, learn how to do all this writing stuff better. :)

Preditors & Editors and Absolute Write are among the most well-respected sources of information re: writing and publishing scams. Be sure to check in with these sites before proceeding with any independent publisher or writing-related service.  Both also provide many more helpful links.

Miss Snark's First Victim is a great site to visit for information about querying. The blog owner, "Authoress," also holds periodic "Secret Agent" contests, where manuscript samples can be submitted and often critiqued/viewed by agents.

Query Shark is another informative site focusing on writing your query.

Pick up some really useful tips with Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

If, like me, you've found it a little challenging to pull together a resume that showcases your writing rather than your "day jobs," Creating a Freelance Writer's Resume is a nice article with some tips on putting together a resume with an emphasis on writing skills.

The EFA / Editorial Freelancers Association is a great resource to check out when you are looking for a proofreader or editor or, like me, are embarking on your own editorial venture.  A rate chart is provided which offers a range of rates for editorial work and can help you know what to expect when you search for your own proofreader or editor. Lots of other interesting and helpful info, too.

Writer's Digest  has lots of great articles and interviews. A "must visit" for any writer or aspiring writer.

Well, there are a few to get us started.  Hope these links are helpful to you!

Do you know of any great writing-related sites?  Feel free to share in the comment section.

Savvy Authors - thank you to nightsmusic for this addition to the list. A great writers-helping-writers site with  endless information. Definitely worth a look!

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  1. Some good links! Savvy Authors is another great site. They have forums, classes, workshops, author interviews, all sorts of great things to offer :o)

    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Thank you for the Savvy Authors site suggestion -- there is so much useful information there that I've only just begun to explore what they offer. Will definitely add the link to the list here so others can benefit, too. Thanks so much! :)